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Paint Fox Paint
Posted on 07/10/19 at 7:53 AM by Dave

 Hi.  I'm Dave and I'll be your artist today.  Our blog will be your destination for all things studio related with lots of updates on new work and what's happening in the den.  Plus news about shows, exhibitions, site updates, new specials, ideas, musings, stories, reminiscences, travels and everything else art and Art Den related.  

For now, I'd like to introduce you to the rest of Dave's Art Den. It takes an artist to make a painting but it takes a village to run a studio.  So in addition to me your resident artist, web designer and well, other stuff too, we have...

Ann and Stephen, my parents.  My mother paints the sides of the minis, does the framing and hardware, is responsible for the book keeping (because math and art don't get along -- unless you're a wacky geometric abstract artists, and helps out with the shows.  My father, cuts and preps the minis and preps the barrel staves, and helps out at the shows.

Pete, my brother and a web programmer at Ebaums World, is our webmaster who handles all the fancy tech stuff that I am completely clueless about -- all the alphabet soup computer languages that make things look nice even if they are complicated gibberish.

And Kari, my research photographer, consultant, travel buddy, muse, and general my girl friday.  She is responsible for a large amount of the photographs that are used as reference materials for the paintings, occassionally helps out at shows and painting the sides of the minis, and is a sounding board for paintings, ideas and all other manner of things.  

That's Dave's Art Den's little family.  Come visit frequently. 

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