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Art, Wine and Bears
Posted on 05/25/19 at 4:14 PM by Dave

 A belated Happy New Year to everyone.  Coming up February 1st I have an opening reception for a solo show at Black Bear Winery.  The reception will run from 2 to 5pm, and I'll be doing a demo sometime between 2:30 and 3:00.  We also hope to have live music, performer to be determined.  There will be free refreshments and as always you can get a very reasonably priced glass of wine, cider or mead from the bar.  I highly recommend the Sweet Amos.  We'll be showing lots of new work, some of which will be just barely dry.  Expect The Drowsy Polar Bear to make it's exhibition debut, along with many paintings not yet up on the website.  Also, as Black Bear is a kind of our unofficial home venue, we will be previewing a brand new item for all of you who are fond of our minis and barrel staves.  We will have a small selection in our debut series of ceramic tile paintings.  If you can't make it out for the reception, the show will be up the entire month, please check the Black Bear website for their hours. 

As a special gift to all our fans, if you come out to the Black Bear reception we will have 10 percent off coupons available that will be good for any purchase made at a studio visit, summer art festival, or here at davesartden.com thru Christmas of 2009.  We'll have them out with the refreshments or you can just ask me.

We hope to see everyone there.  Black Bear is a great venue and always lots of fun and very relaxed.  If you don't tend to like art openings because they tend to be stuffy and uncomfortable than I encourage you to come out, it's just a big party.

Black Bear Farms Winery is located on Cloverdale Rd, off of Rt 12 between Chenango Forks and Greene, NY.  It is about 15 minutes from Binghamton.  Turn onto Cloverdale Rd, there will be signs for Black Bear, and the winery is at the top of the hill.  There is plenty of parking.  


On a completely unrelated note, I would also like to mention that there is an online petition going around for a Secretary of the Arts position to be created by the Obama administration, presumably at the cabinet level.  The idea was popularized by Mr. Quincy Jones, and although I don't generally put much stock in online petitions since typing your name is not a valid signature in the legal sense, it has been getting a lot of buzz online and since our new President is into all things internet it can't hurt to speak up via the web.  If you're interested... sign here

You'll get a paintathon count when I'm not so far behind.  Take care and see you at Black Bear.

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03-06/06/19-2019 at 13:03 : Davion
Margie Cloud - Oh what a beautiful job of photographing this wonderful wedding. I can’t wait to see the rest!! I love YOUR WORK. It looks to me like you have captured the people in the photos true feelings, and that is GOOD,THANKS. The photos are BEAUTIFUL & I Love themALL. Margie Lou

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18-03/07/19-2019 at 06:18 : Lavon
Oh thank-you, Jody! It was such a fun wedding to shoot — the couple couldn’t have been nicer & their day was really personal & special. I love those.

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14-05/25/19-2019 at 16:14 : Mccayde
Thankyou Steph and Steve, we both had a fantastic time during the shoot and love the photos!! One of our many favourites is definitely the coloured steel cap boots although we really do love them all.

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14-05/25/19-2019 at 16:14 : Boy
What a stunning wdideng and the most beautiful bride. Your photos are perfect. I really like the behind the scenes one (in underwear!) and side glances, really sweet and journalistic at the same time. Plus the one with all their friends is so great!
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