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Barrel stave (n.): one of the long strips of wood joined together to form a barrel. Barrel staves are great for those narrow spaces on your walls that could use a splash of art.  There are currently two sizes, our stave suppliers have discontinued the middle size.  Large staves are approximately 22 x 4 1/2 inches, and small are 16 x 4 1/2. They are white pine or white cedar, polyurethened and ready to hang.

The idea behind these unique paintings came from a Massachusett's artist who was one of Dave's earliest instructors.  

What can you do with barrel staves?  They can be used as door toppers, in small spaces between windows, in kitchens or bathrooms where you have limited wall space.  Many customer's buy loons, bears or moose to add just the right rustic touch to their cabins.



16 inch barrel staves are $20.

22 inch barrel staves are $25.00.

shipping charges will be actual postal rates        

I paint a large variety of subjects and due to the popularity of the staves, there is a very large turn over.  As a result it is easier to have a stave painted specificially for you.  A partial list of subjects is on the gallery page, but if you don't see something just ask.  Generally your personalized stave will be completed within one month, but ask for how long it will take when you order.  They can be shipped if you aren't local or if you'd like to come out to the studio for a visit and to pick up your painting, I am happy to arrange it.   










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