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Do you have a furry best friend that you want to immortalize?

How about that dream house that you're so proud of?
Is your flower garden the most beautiful it has ever been?
A memory from the vacation of a lifetime?
Need a unique Christmas, anniversary, wedding or birthday gift?
Or do you just want to treat yourself to something special?


I can help with your very own commissioned painting.


Here at the Art Den we are always happy to accept a commission.  Over the years I have done everything from paintings on saw blades to keg tops.  Subjects have ranged from grand pianos to the World Trade Center.  Pretty much anything you can think of can be done.  Please be advised we are not accepting commissions for human portraits at this time although if you ask we'd be happy to refer you to other very talented artists who could help you out.  

Our commission policy:

  • in most cases your painting will be done in a month; we will give you a definite time frame at the time of commission
  • we do ask for a deposit, usually a third of the total cost, upfront to cover materials and expenses.
  • prices quoted for the painting are unframed, if you'd like the painting framed we will charge you what the frame actually costs us.
  • we want you to be completely satisfied, if you don't like the painting when it's done you won't have to buy it.  the deposit is unfortunately non-refundable.
  • we would ask that you sign a very simple contract at the time of commission.  We hate legal speak at least as much as you do, we just like the basics of the agreement in writing:  price and any additional costs, when it will be done, what size, framed or unframed, things like that.  example contract.


 Pet Portraits

We can do paintings of your dog, cat, horse, rabbit, ferret, parakeet, turtle or any other pet you might love.  We draw the line at anything that will give us nightmares -- so no snakes or tarantulas please.

You can send us snap shots or digital pictures of your pet to base the painting on, or if you are within an hour of Unadilla and would prefer we would be happy to come out and take photos.

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait of your pet please email me.


House Portraits

If you would like a painting of your home, barn, property or a community or historical landmark with special significance we would be happy to oblige.  We can work from your digital photos or snap shots, or if it is within driving distance we can come out and take our own reference material.  Over the years I have come out to visit folks interested in paintings of their homes or relatives homes as gifts and it can often give an unexpected perspective.  In certain circumstances we can also come out to paint your home from life.

If you are interested in commissioning a house portrait please email me


Really we are happy to do just about anything you would like.  If you have a saw blade or various other untraditional surface we are happy to accomodate you.  

Basic pricing, for a commissioned painting, not including framing, shipping or any other incidentals follow.  Please be advised that this is just a guideline, if you for example want portraits of your five cats on one canvas that might cost more.  Final prices will be negotiated at the time of commission.


Size Price
9x12 inches  $115
11x14  $145
12x16  $165
14x18  $175
16x20  $185
18x24  $250


Please contact us if you are interested in a commission or think you might be.   



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